There is such a huge emphasis on plant based cooking and eating these days that I thought it would a good idea to introduce the Grade 11 ‘s to this concept.

We started this journey by making Red Bean curry.  Many of the learners had not even tasted tinned red beans and so that was something new too.

The curry started as any good curry does, with onions, garlic, ginger, and many spices including cumin and coriander.  The difference came in when the recipe called for tinned red beans instead of meat.

I was very pleased with the positive attitude of the class and the willingness to try new things.  They were very pleasantly surprised that they had managed to make such a tasty pot of curry from scratch with no meat.  They all tasted their curry and they also learnt that seasoning is a very personal thing but that salt can always be added by the individual but not taken away.  The lesson was also learnt that baking and cooking are very different as baking is far more scientific and the recipes need to be strictly adhered to.

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