On Friday night our munchkins ran through the Sun Valley doors, as they embarked on a fun filled night of entertainment.

The Grade 3 Pyjama Party started with a bang. They started off with the limbo, amongst other entertainment, in the IT Centre which brought a grin to all their faces. 

Oh no, thats not all… The Grade 3s moved on to pass the parcel and a chocolate game, which… well you can imagine the outcome… This was just in time to get enough energy for the scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt was a blast as the learners stepped into the dark lapa with their torches to find all the objects, carefully hidden in secret locations. 

With such a fun filled night of entertainment and a bit of sugar the Grade 3s ended off with a relaxing, calm down session before the night came to an end, they watched a movie which made them rather sleepy.

What a night to remember!!!!

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