Last week Friday, the Grade Ones enjoyed what was possibly their most favourite event, the PJ Party. The excitement in the air as they came to school at night time was tangible. The children arrived as the sun was going down, cosied up in their very cute and fluffy pyjamas, onesies, slippers and gowns. 

To start the night off, the children got to play and draw in their classrooms with their friends, while enjoying snacks from BNN and having a picnic in class. Once they had enjoyed their treats, we headed to Mrs Best’s classroom to watch a Winnie the Pooh movie. Whilst this may sound like a normal day, the fact that they were at school so late at night AND not wearing variform made it a highlight of the term for them.

The PJ Party ended with some very happy and very tired little Grade Ones, some didn’t even manage to keep their eyes open until the end of the night. It was a wonderful night of fun and bonding for both the children and the teachers. It is always such a special event we look forward to as the children always have the time of their lives!

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