Toilet roll. Check! Pipe cleaner. Check! Googly eyes? Yes, googly eyes. Check! What could the Grade 2’s be creating? They were eager to find out and so out broke a chatter amongst the Grade 2’s. What could this turn into? A few of them guessed it… It was an earthworm in the soil and were introduced to their next theme: Wriggle to Recycle. 

It was time to begin planning their little wriggly earthworms. Were their worms going to be in the soil or in the grass? This determined what pastel colours they were going to choose to colour their toilet roll, such as shades of green and brown. 

The next step was to stab three holes in the toilet roll for their wriggly, googly pipe cleaner worm to squirm its body in and out the burrow.

Last but not least, the grade 2’s gave their cute earthworms googly eyes and voila, their googly earthworms were ready to wriggle for Term 2!

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