Never before has it been more pertinent to embrace Deep Learning. We have to Engage the World to Change the World. 

At a time where social distancing and a call for a complete lockdown has been announced, by our President Cyril Ramaphosa, we have to be creative in the way in which we engage the world. What can we do to to make a difference  in this state of disaster? What can we do to bring awareness to those who are uninformed? How will we minimise the spread of COVID19?

What can I do?

I think the important thing is to not panic and don’t allow fear to derail us. More importantly, we need to model the correct behaviour by adhering to the measures set in place by the President. If we all co-operate things should get better.

With change comes pushes and pulls. The biggest push is that traditional schooling is not engaging at all. We know that at Sun Valley Primary School we have already made that important shift … now how do we apply that at home? Because traditional schooling is not engaging at all, and we are so used to being engaged and connected at our school, we need to continue this at home. Learning must be fun, innovative, creative and involve novelty.

Deep Learning is valuable and relevant and it must stick! Not like when I was at school and we crammed information into our brains directly before an exam, just to regurgitate it onto paper and then wholesale dump the “useless” information.

People are not interested in what you know but are more interested in what you can do. Can you apply what you have learned to different circumstances and situations? Now is the time to put our heads together and make a difference.

There is conflict in the world and the big picture is where is the big world going? The small picture is where do I fit in?

Stay safe Sun Valley Primary School Family.




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