Part of The Sun Valley Way is an important component called The CARE Circle, (Conflict And Resolution Education). Parents, did you know that your children sit in a circle, at least once a week, where open ended questions (questions that do not require a yes or no answer) are posed and each child gets an opportunity to express themselves by answering the question? Every week we prepare an agenda which is dealt with from Grade 1 to Grade 7. 

Over and above these theme driven CARE Circles the classes often have CARE Circles to deal with issues in the class as they arise. It is also a wonderful tool to use if there is an issue which affects the whole school family. If there has been a tragedy globally (like COVID -19) the entire school will be activated to deal with the issue in their class. If a child loses a parent then we chat through our fears and discuss how to support the grieving family.

These CARE sessions are confidential, and the class know it is a safe place for them to share their inner most fears and an opportunity to be heard.

When an issue is raised, the teacher introduces the topic with some input and then a ‘care bear’ is used, like a conch, and is passed around the class. Each child may only speak when they have the care bear in their hands and no-one is allowed to interrupt them while they have their say. The Care Bear has multiple functions. Firstly you only talk when you are holding it and secondly, it gives, the child sharing, a sense of comfort and distraction while they talk. 

We did not have an opportunity to deal with COVID-19 in the form of a CARE Session because after the President’s first speak we only had 43% attendance the next day. I hope you have had a chance to process this with your children. Even if you have, you can sit as a family, pose open ended questions and allow the children to express themselves. It is vital that you do the same, by sharing your thoughts and emotions.

CARE Topic Number 1 for this lockdown period is the following: 

In Michael Fullen’s book, ‘Deep Learning: Engage the World – Change the World’, he speaks about the 6 global competencies necessary to enhance Deep Learning. 

The 6 Global Competencies are:

This week we shall deal with CHARACTER. Be on the look out for the agenda!

CARE away!























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