As we reach the halfway mark in our Grade 7 year, the Grade 7 teachers would like to send out this ‘open letter’ to the Grade 7 students of 2020.

Our Dearest Grade 7s

It is with renewed hope that we look back at the year so far, a year with challenges none of us could have predicted, but a year filled with valuable lessons and truths no mere walled classroom could have effectively taught.

Having said that, we look back with wonderment at the lessons we have taught within our class walls and realise with renewed vision and purpose the value of education – a value that is found not in that present moment, but in those future moments when we are no longer present  – in those moments you find yourself in the classroom of life, experiencing and living the lessons in living colour! It is there that we trust our words will echo in your mind and call on you to find true understanding and knowledge that comes only through experience.

I quote from page one of the Thematic Studies iBook that we, your teachers, compiled for you this year. Unbeknownst to us, this content will prove invaluable and will inspire both student and teacher to continue living a gritty life filled with hope and purpose.

“We are all keenly aware of the power and benefits of intellect. Reading, study, thinking, discussion, and experimentation provide a pathway for the intellect. But this is not the only aspects linked to intellect. The KEY to intelligence is the ability to change.
Change is inevitable. It happens in every aspect of our lives.  Our personal world is constantly changing, our society, the physical world, perspectives and deeper understanding of truths are all constantly changing, even our emotions are constantly shifting. 
Every one of us will go through the shifting waters of change. Some of which cannot be avoided.
The measure of a truly intelligent society is its ability to change. It lies in its ability to effectively navigate that change through the periods of success or periods of failure.
Paraphrased Excerpt From “SVPS Grade 7 Thematic Studies Book 1”. Apple Books.

What geniuses you have proven to be! How courageously you have traversed these waters of change and how incredibly proud we are of you!

No school report, no badge, no trophy could deny or confirm what we have now come to know for sure to be true: YOU, grade 7s of 2020 are intelligent beyond measure, for you are and will continue to navigate your way through these ever-shifting times with grit, passion and perseverance.

Hats off to you, Grade 7 class of 2020!

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