We have all seen the video of a young man doing a (very bad) oral on “My hond.”  I can proudly say that the Grade 10’s rose to the challenge and did an oral on the influence of Social Media and Peer Pressure on self-image in teenagers in Afrikaans! They were outstanding.

The topic stems from a short story, ‘Die laaste Maaltyd,’ about a young girl that develops anorexia as she succumbs to the pressure of peer opinion and hurtful words.

I was so impressed with the level of maturity in the oral content and the high standard of language usage. Our latest poem, ‘Om groot te word’, also focuses on the deep trauma that often accompanies the teenage years and growing up.

I am so thankful that most of the students are open to discuss sensitive teenage issues and more so doing it in Afrikaans. Graad 10’s, julle is fantasties!

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