With the return of our lovely Silvermine students, there was no time to lose and the Grade 11s did not hold back.

As part of our English curriculum, students have to engage in current affairs and be able to critically analyse, discuss and provide opinions on events both locally and globally. Well, what a time to be in school, because of course we have SO much going on and there are numerous types of sources floating around on social media and other news platforms.

As we know, our students are constantly exposed to images, news and information due to their quick and easy access via their phones as well as global interaction through an array of social media apps. As part of their studies, they have to develop the skills to analyse visual texts and be able to contextualise them while also commenting on the skills and overall message that the texts is conveying.

After a group study, students had to find their own cartoon and present it to the rest of the class. Below are some of our students showcasing their chosen cartoons and related discussions.

Molly showing us her cartoon

Meg, Bulela and Cole showing their shared cartoon and analysis


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