The Grade 12 Consumer Studies students managed to fulfill all social distancing criteria whilst doing their second last practical of their school careers – their PAT first production.  The prac was their first attempt at a product that they believe filled a gap in the market and fulfilled certain skills and techniques prescribed by the IEB for a Grade 12 learner.


Before lockdown the students had to make two products, one sweet and one savoury, which would be suitable for an outdoor school movie night.  The IEB amended it to making only one of their two products.

After the practical we evaluated the products, making sure that they met the amended criteria and that it would be suitable for the occasion.  I was allowed to give feedback at this stage and the girls were able to see the changes that they need to make.

I am looking forward to the practical second production, which will be the final practical of their school careers, and to the improvements that the girls make to their products.  I wish them all the best in the preparation for the final.

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