SMA Grade 12 2020 is  very close to writing their Preliminary Exam.  In January not one of us could have foreseen what 2020 would throw at us.  A few months of online schooling did not deter these young people from working hard, giving their all and being at a point where they can look back and say that they battled and won the challenge of schooling during a pandemic.
The matric novel, ASEM, is about the journey of a young man who hates his dad, gets involved in drugs and is complicit in the death of a traffic cop.  It is not an easy novel, but the main character shows huge growth. The content gave opportunity for great discussions and life lessons to be learnt.  The matrics showed maturity in their handling of often sensitive and difficult content.

They have finished the novel and are now fine tuning their literature essay writing and other exam skills.  True friendship and how it is demonstrated in the novel is the topic of our current literary essay.  Group work is an essential part of our learning process and time was spent in groups, collating information about characters and presenting content to peers.

It is hugely satisfying to sit back and see how far these young people have come since they first came to SMA.  Their Afrikaans vocabulary, comprehension and ability to express themselves effectively in their second language improved with leaps and bounds and I am so proud of each and every one of them.  May you go from strength to strength and finish 2020 well, Matrics!

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