“Grade 7s, you are now parents!”
The infamous phrase repeated each year as the teenagers of Sun Valley Primary begins their 2-week journey of parenthood.This year has been unlike any other experience. COVID-19 has put a lot of goals and plans on ice, and many of the events that have the ”usual-feel” have had to be modified to suit the current climate. Thus with any challenge, it provides an opportunity to be creative and allow out of the box thinking to take place. The Flour Baby Project was no exception.

Due to the new regulations, we had to create an alternative scenario where “baby sharing” was prohibited. Thus the Grade 7s of 2020 would be the first parents in the history of Sun Valley Primary to have “flour-twins”. Each parent would take their baby home and each parent would be responsible for their own child for the duration of the project. This created the more realistic scenario of being a parent full- time.

The build-up to flour baby construction was incredible as we introduced new concepts and had the opportunity to really hone in on the intricacies of parenthood and baby development. This new-found, full-time parenting supplied the necessary added time to give the learners the opportunity to truly absorb the information and feel the impact of parenting.

Once construction day arrived, we got to see our brand new parents working hard to keep their newborn happy and healthy. To say the learners were excited would be an absolute understatement. Mixed emotions soon followed as they came to the realisation that for the first time in their lives, they were no longer able to think about just themselves first. Responsibility had taken on a whole new meaning!

The two-week journey is recorded and monitored in a Baby Journal, that the learners design, creatively decorate and fill with necessary information learned from the project content. From vaccination records to APGAR Scores and 12 Month Milestones, the journal encompasses a full living letter of the exciting experiences of being a parent.

We finish the project off with a wonderful donation to our project partners, Sweetpeas, an organization that is partnered with False Bay Hospital and the Living Hope Centre to help deal with the realities of childbirth without the means of support and nurture. Their stories are a sober reminder that our life is a precious commodity to be cherished and we can all play our part in helping those in need.

This is an experience that won’t be forgotten and one that lives long in the memories of the students who have gone through it themselves. It is always funny to hear how every past Sun Valley Primary student speaks so vividly of their recollection of the baby project. It shows how much of an impact this project can and has had, and the desired outcome is always shared in the reflection of learners experiences after the project is concluded.

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