Can you believe that Term Three is already underway? Our Grade 3’s certainly can! This group of legends have wasted no time diving straight back into the fun, laughter, and hard work at SVPS. Our Grade 3’s have been learning so much and have had such an exciting few weeks.
To top off a fun week, pronouns have been on the agenda in Grade 3. We had a particularly entertaining lesson where we transformed into a pizzeria, with names like Mario and Luigi being the common name throughout, making our tasty pronoun pizza.
The teachers and students really got into the Italian spirit. We had Italian music, wore chefs hats, spoke in accents, and created a tasty pronoun pizza with delicious pronoun toppings!
What a FUN lesson it was! We now know that the Grade 3’s certainly won’t forget their tasty pronoun pizza and will forever remember the lesson and what a pronoun is.


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