Grade 9’s practised the age old art of forming a compelling argument and having it torn apart by an apposing idea. Why did I do this to them?…..Trade Unions!

We have been studying Trade Unions in Economic Sciences this term. To give the Grade 9’s a feel for how negotiations take place, they were given a scenario. One side of the negotiations were the workers requesting a wage increase. The other side were the employers who were unwilling, and wanted to prove they were unable to give this requested wage increase. Various restrictions were given eg. only a 3% increase in profit for the company, whereas there had been an 8% inflation increase. The Grade 9’s had to take all this into consideration when they prepared their arguments. The result was very interesting. And the Grade 9’s experienced first hand how difficult it was to find a solution that all parties agreed on, without an independent arbitrator.

Well done, Grade 9’s!

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