Making learning relevant continues to be a Grade 7 Curriculum priority. We started this term off with the Baby project during which we gave learners just a sneak peek into the real world of parenting and we now end the term off with a glance into the world of work.

“You mean to say I have to work the whole day?”, the question asked by many followed by a sigh. Fortunately, this proved to be a positive experience for most and one, I am sure, all of them will remember for years to come.

Here are a couple of reports from our Grade 7 learners.

” This flying experience was amazing. Besides the bird strike, everything was amazing. I learnt so much about the profession from what subjects to study and how many hours you have to do to get your PPL. Thanks, Hennie for the amazing experience.” Mannix van Vuuren

“Wow! What an experience! I have made some amazing unforgettable memories. For my Job Shadowing experience, I visited the Marine Research Centre in Sea Point. It was absolutely incredible. I will be eternally grateful to my dad who made it possible for me to visit the research centre and to  Mark Cyrus and his absolutely incredible team for accommodating me.

Here is a brief description of what I got up to. I arrived to a friendly greeting from Mark. He gave me a quick tour of the building. The tanks were huge! Then I went off to the Microbiology lab and there I met Vuyokazi, who taught me so much about Marine Life. I also visited with Primrose who worked with Bio Security. She made sure all of the ocean life in the lab were safe and cared for. Next, I spent time with Rifaar who worked with culturing algae. That was fascinating! Last, but not least, I went back to Mark who demonstrated his current study of Sea Urchins and I discovered that they have no nervous system. Fascinating!.

All and all, It was an amazing experience!” Cassidy Swarts

“I did my job shadow at The Villiage Sushi. It was an amazing experience. I learnt lots of new skills and now know how to make many new types of Sushi. Who knew making sushi could be as much fun as eating it!” Jarred van Heerden.

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