We are coming to the end of 2020 and with only a few weeks to go the Grade 2’s are hard at work preparing for their next big adventure. However, before they go, they need to complete their final “Above and Below” Mission.  

The overall theme for Grade 2 this year has been about learning what happens above the ground as well as below it. They have learnt about Penguins and busy Bees on top of the land to wiggling with the Earthworms underground.  For their final term in Grade 2 they will be diving deep into the world, under the sea. 

Our Grade 2’s will be learning all about the oceans around the world, their names and the different layers of the sea.  As well as learning about the amazing animals that inhabit this vast blue world. They are learning about sea turtles and their lifecycles and how human interference has caused their numbers to drastically decrease. But sea turtles aren’t the only animals the children will be learning about. From Clownfish like Nemo to stingrays and sharks, these kids are learning it all! They are learning what it takes to live under the water and how the different species of animals survive there. 

They even had fun creating their own fish in Art Class using blue dye and glitter. They also created their own 3D fish in class by decorating the animals with colourful paper and stuffing the insides. 

The aspect of this term that excites the teachers most is their Creative Writing Stories. These incredible children have written stories about sharks and even their very own deep sea adventure. Some of these stories had shipwrecks never before explored, buried treasure worth millions and close encounters with great big sharks. It has been amazing to see how far they have come in their creative wiring abilities. Us teachers suspect that there will be a few authors in the years to come. We cannot wait to see what they do next!

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