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Life Learning is the Best Teacher

Life Learning is the Best Teacher

As we face the prospect of Making a Digital Difference we are being told that experimentation is good. Don’t fear the ‘unknown’. Tim Keller has taken us through the different attitudes we have to technology and we could recognise where we fit in. Are we Fearful Fred – too afraid to turn on the power button? Busy Bob – too busy[Read More…]

by February 17, 2012 Counsellor

Do You Have the Courage to Continue?

My friend, and fellow deputy, Mandy Pistorius, follows Dr Caroline Leaf on Twitter and the following quote by Winston Churchill was tweeted by Caroline: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” We should never think we have arrived. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Failure is just another experience to demonstrate[Read More…]

by February 4, 2012 Counsellor

Never Give Up!

  I was privileged to watch an assembly message presented by Mr Keller.  He knows how to touch the heart with inspirational messages. Watching the video of Derek Redman completing in the 1992 Olympics 400m semi-final was an emotional experience. Derek tore his hamstring but fought through the pain. With his father’s help, he managed to complete a full lap[Read More…]

by January 24, 2012 Counsellor
Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear … a place to vent.

Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear … a place to vent.

Is it possible to love what you do to such an extent that you embrace every day with a sense of anticipation? Every day is an unopened gift. It is an opportunity to go out and make a difference. This fits our theme to a tee. Making a digital difference! How does one marry the theme with a portfolio like[Read More…]

by January 23, 2012 Counsellor