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Grade 4 Camp – “We are capable of so much more than we think”

07h30 and all was not still and quiet at the Rocklands Campsite. This was because it had been overrun by over 130 super excited grade 4’s, ready for their camp. Moms and dads were left behind as their children ran off to get their first taste of camp life. There was so much to do from playing soccer with MacNugget[Read More…]

by November 2, 2018 Grade 4, Primary

Grade 4 Ignition Field Trip to UCT

The Grade 4s have, over the course of the year, been learning about the ocean and how we should protect it. This term they dived right into the daily life of a marine biologist with the help of their ignition field trip to the UCT Marine Biology Centre. The Grade 4s were captivated by the weird and wonderful sea life[Read More…]

by October 13, 2018 Grade 4, Primary

Grade 4’s give back!

Sticking to our theme this year of saving the planet and caring for our seas, the grade fours decided to participate in a volunteer project to help the community by making eco-bricks. Eco-bricks are becoming a world-wide project where people use their non-biological waste to stuff the bottles solid. The bottles are then used to build full-scale buildings such as schools, offices[Read More…]

by September 13, 2018 Grade 4, Primary
EXPERT teaching FUN!

EXPERT teaching FUN!

Last week the Grade 4 teachers decided that it would be a good idea to introduce the concept of Expert Teaching to the grade. This concept involves the Subject Head in that grade teaching their subject to all 4 classes on a particular day. This responsibility landed on Mr Best the Afrikaans Subject Head for grade 4. The usually daunting task[Read More…]

by August 31, 2018 Grade 4, Primary
Grade 4s Cracking Powerful Presentations

Grade 4s Cracking Powerful Presentations

This year Sun Valley launched the Powerful Presentation Competition which focuses on the art of Keynote. Being a digital school, we utilized the iPads in class and set about to create presentations that showcased the topic that we were most passionate about. The competition was aimed at the InterSen Phase and challenged our Grade 4s to really put in the[Read More…]

by August 16, 2018 Grade 4, Primary
MARDI GRAS comes to Grade 4!

MARDI GRAS comes to Grade 4!

The Grade 4s have had lots of fun this week learning about the world renowned Festival of Mardi Gras and how its was held annually in Fish Hoek during the 1960’s and 70’s.  For many years if you had said “Mardi Gras” to anyone in the Cape Peninsula they would have replied “Fish Hoek”. The Mardi Gras Festival grew to[Read More…]

by August 3, 2018 Grade 4, Primary
Hold on tight, this term is going to an AMAZING RIDE!

Hold on tight, this term is going to an AMAZING RIDE!

Term 3 has begun and the Grade 4s have hit the ground running. Excitement levels are high at the expectation of all the amazing adventures and experiences that the term has in store. These include: Eco-Brick Community Service project, UCT Ignition Field Trip, Powerful Presentations, New CARE Councillors and Mandela day celebrations to name but a few. Taking care of[Read More…]

by July 19, 2018 Grade 4, Primary

What a TERM!

The grade 4’s have been busy this term with all sorts of different activities and all new experiences! As part of our Thematic Studies we having been learning a lot about the plants in our Valley. We learnt specifically about the plant structures as well as how to scientifically label different plants. To put our knowledge into practice, the Grade[Read More…]

by June 14, 2018 Grade 4, Primary
Grade 4’s Explore Kirstenbosch

Grade 4’s Explore Kirstenbosch

Recently,  the Grade 4’s headed off to explore the wonders of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. We teamed up with Cape for Kids who took us on a wonderful guided tour around the Gardens and taught us all about Centenarians. Through exploring Kirstenbosch, the learners got to walk in the footsteps of early explorers and discover Van Riebeeck’s hedge, ancient plants and learn[Read More…]

by May 31, 2018 Grade 4, Primary

Exploring our world, one Country Oral at a time!

Over this past week, the Grade 4s have been on a round the world trip, all from the comfort of their own classroom! Making use of their digital devices, each learner was able to research their country of choice and discover what exciting things they had on offer. Keynotes and posters provided us with a visual display of culture, food[Read More…]

by May 19, 2018 Grade 6, Primary