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SUNBIRD:  Grade R  –  Picnic time for Teddy Bears

SUNBIRD: Grade R – Picnic time for Teddy Bears

On Friday our precious Grade R’s had their very first Teddy Bear Picnic. The morning was filled with an excited buzz as our children and their furry friends made their way into class. There were many smiles on faces and delicious picnic baskets in tow. We made sure that our Grade R’s taught their teddies the important food manners we[Read More…]

by April 14, 2014 Grade R
SUNBIRD:  Grade R  –  Welcome to Term Two!

SUNBIRD: Grade R – Welcome to Term Two!

It is the start of a new term at Sunbird and we are all excited for the fun, exploring and learning it holds. Our theme for the first two weeks of the term is Easter. Orientation has also played a role this week as we remind our little Sunbirdies about being polite, having good manners and being a good friend.[Read More…]

by April 9, 2014 Grade R
Grade R’s Say Thank You!

Grade R’s Say Thank You!

Our Sunbirdies have been learning so much about people who influence their lives.  They were asked to draw their teachers and the results were amusing.  Other important people in their lives are doctors, nurses, paramedics, firemen, city cleaners and farmers (“the people who grow our food”).  Our girls enjoyed ‘nursing’ friends back to health, whilst our boys dazzled the playground with[Read More…]

by March 26, 2014 Grade R
Hooray-Hilarious Heads!

Hooray-Hilarious Heads!

This week at Sunbird has been a busy one.  On Tuesday, Founder’s Day, we eagerly celebrated our school’s birthday.  The children donned hats and fun hairstyles while singing and dancing on the field.  We had a wonderful selection of extreme creations and mellow designs. Each class had a winner, who was given a packet of popcorn. Our children who received[Read More…]

by March 19, 2014 Grade R
I love you, you love me, this Week’s Theme is Family!

I love you, you love me, this Week’s Theme is Family!

The theme at Sunbird this week is “My Family”. The children have been telling us all about their families and why they are so important to us (some VERY INTERESTING stories). We have been learning about what ‘extended family‘ means and who they are. We also discovered that some children have BIG families, whilst others have small families. We also[Read More…]

by March 12, 2014 Grade R