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iPlay in high school too!

iPlay in high school too!

The Grade 8’s at Silvermine Academy have been learning about various components that create movement. They’ve been learning about basic structures and what makes a structure strong. They had to understand how to make a gear, how to create pulley system, how to identify what forces were acting on an object, what shapes withstand pressure etc. etc. etc. But finally[Read More…]

by June 4, 2018 High School

Debating human reproduction…What do YOU think is right?

The Grade 9 students were challenged to research and give their personal opinion on various, often controversial, topics. The list to choose from consisted of: Abortion, Infertility, Surrogacy, Contraception, or Population Control. Each person was instructed to research their chosen topic, then to present it to the class in the form of a Keynote, PowerPoint or a Poster. They needed[Read More…]

by May 10, 2018 High School, Life Orientation
Poetry in (e)motion! Grade 8 Life Orientation

Poetry in (e)motion! Grade 8 Life Orientation

The Grade 8s were given the “scary” task (especially for some of the boys) of expressing an emotion of their choice in poetry form. We spoke about the use of colour, and describing situations to help depict and explain an emotion. I was incredibly impressed with the sincerity and depth shown by these new grade 8’s. They were open and[Read More…]

by April 12, 2018 High School, Life Orientation
“Mathematics is the music of reason.” James Joseph Sylvester

“Mathematics is the music of reason.” James Joseph Sylvester

Grade 8’s have begun the long, and hopefully fruitful journey of High School Mathematics (or Maths Literacy Grade 10-12). Some enter the Maths classroom with trepidation, sure they will stumble at the first request to find that illusive “x”. Others enter the classroom already defeated and sure there is nothing more they can possibly do to understand or enjoy Maths[Read More…]

by March 5, 2018 High School, Mathematics

Sweet Cytoplasm!

The Grade 9 Natural Sciences students have begun a journey that will take them from the smallest unit of life, the cell, through to tissues that make up organs, and then looking at these organs which create the complex systems in our bodies. Put it all together and we get teenagers themselves! To begin this journey the Grade 9’s started[Read More…]

by February 23, 2018 High School, Natural Science

Batten down the hatches…exams are upon us!

The countdown has begun. Five teaching days left till our final exams of the year begin for grade 8-11. And with the exams approaching, so the amount of learners attending Study Classes sees an increase. Study classes are a great way for small groups of learners to get focused help where it is needed. Learners who have joined our school[Read More…]

by November 2, 2017 High School

Managing our Economics…it’s a Science!

The Grade 8’s love EMS….well, they love money and that’s almost the same thing! We have arrived at the place in our curriculum where the Grades 8’s have started analysing transactions and preparing Cash Receipts Journals and Cash Payments Journals. Fun times in EMS class! Although EMS is not everyone’s favourite subject, there is pure joy when the jolly bank[Read More…]

by September 1, 2017 Accounting, High School
The Force is strong in Grade 9!

The Force is strong in Grade 9!

The Grade 9’s have been investigating contact and non-contact forces. No, not in Life Orientation, in Natural Science! Sir Isaac Newton has become a regular visitor in our classroom. His third law states; “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Our investigations lead us to discover the difference between weight and mass…..and some of the girls thought[Read More…]

by August 16, 2017 High School, Natural Science

The Grade 9s are Creating Chemical Monsters

The Grade 9’s enjoy Natural Science on the whole. They are always involved as we discuss the theory behind how chemistry and physics work. Much of what we learn applies to things we see around us. However the real enthusiasm comes out when the Grade 9’s are given the chance to get hold of chemicals, and learn first-hand how they react.[Read More…]

by June 18, 2017 High School, Natural Science
Help!! Life Orientation in Grade 9

Help!! Life Orientation in Grade 9

The Grade 9’s were asked to research the causes, the physical and emotional results, and the ways of minimizing stress. Their focus was on the effect stress has on teenagers. In groups, the students researched fascinating facts and then created a poster depicting their findings in a creative and informative way. In the next Life Orientation lesson the Grade 9’s were put[Read More…]

by May 21, 2017 High School, Life Orientation