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Yummy fungi!

How does bread rise? Can fungi be a good thing? These grade 8 scientists were going to find out. …Sharp bunch these grade 8’s The students needed to follow their experiment instructions and work as a group to fill 5 beakers with the exact amount of yeast, sugar and water. Before all the Carbon Dioxide escaped, the students needed to[Read More…]

by March 6, 2019 High School, Natural Science
The shape of you….Grade 9 Natural Sciences

The shape of you….Grade 9 Natural Sciences

How does my body work? Have you ever read those books? The Grade 9s hadn’t either so we went about trying to understand how this body of ours, in the most simplistic way, works to keep us alive. Each group was assigned a system within the body to research and then present to the class in an interactive and informative[Read More…]

by February 21, 2019 High School, Natural Science

Grade 9s make Jelly Cells

This term the Grade 9s were introduced to the most minute detail about themselves that they hadn’t known before….the cell! Our Natural Sciences curriculum takes us on the journey from the smallest unit of life all the way through tissues created by these cells, to organs and how they work together to create the systems that keep the complex organisms[Read More…]

by January 24, 2019 High School, Natural Science
What would you sacrifice EVERYTHING for?

What would you sacrifice EVERYTHING for?

The Grade 10 students are exploring the politics of sport in Life Orientation, an incredibly topical area of interest currently. Names like Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are suddenly part of political rhetoric in the United States, where these famous NFL players are using their fame to express their collective stance against police brutality and daily casual racism. In the[Read More…]

by November 2, 2018 High School, Life Orientation
Waste not….

Waste not….

Grade 8’s new Technology project came off the back of some theory we looked into about how much damage our advanced technological age has done to our world. We debated the “pro’s” and “cons” of incredibly useful inventions such as plastic. After researching how much waste has been generated by this wonderful invention, this lead us to rediscover the desperate[Read More…]

by August 31, 2018 High School, Technology

SHOCKING Creations in Grade 8!

Grade 8’s were put through the fire on Monday when they had to bring all their equipment to make their first electric circuit. They had an hour and a half to build a basic circuit containing a switch, power source, conducting wires and a resistor of their choice to show that the circuit was closed eg. a light bulb. This[Read More…]

by August 8, 2018 High School, Physical Science

It’s grease lightening!

The Grade 8’s had the silly notion that school ended after exams, and the last week of the term was play time. Well at Silvermine Academy we work in every moment we can! Having said that, our Natural Science lesson did involve balloons so maybe we were simply playing. Our next section in Natural Science is Static Electricity. The Grade[Read More…]

by July 19, 2018 High School, Natural Science
iPlay in high school too!

iPlay in high school too!

The Grade 8’s at Silvermine Academy have been learning about various components that create movement. They’ve been learning about basic structures and what makes a structure strong. They had to understand how to make a gear, how to create pulley system, how to identify what forces were acting on an object, what shapes withstand pressure etc. etc. etc. But finally[Read More…]

by June 4, 2018 High School

Debating human reproduction…What do YOU think is right?

The Grade 9 students were challenged to research and give their personal opinion on various, often controversial, topics. The list to choose from consisted of: Abortion, Infertility, Surrogacy, Contraception, or Population Control. Each person was instructed to research their chosen topic, then to present it to the class in the form of a Keynote, PowerPoint or a Poster. They needed[Read More…]

by May 10, 2018 High School, Life Orientation
Poetry in (e)motion! Grade 8 Life Orientation

Poetry in (e)motion! Grade 8 Life Orientation

The Grade 8s were given the “scary” task (especially for some of the boys) of expressing an emotion of their choice in poetry form. We spoke about the use of colour, and describing situations to help depict and explain an emotion. I was incredibly impressed with the sincerity and depth shown by these new grade 8’s. They were open and[Read More…]

by April 12, 2018 High School, Life Orientation