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Rebutting and rebuilding….

Grade 9’s practised the age old art of forming a compelling argument and having it torn apart by an apposing idea. Why did I do this to them?…..Trade Unions! We have been studying Trade Unions in Economic Sciences this term. To give the Grade 9’s a feel for how negotiations take place, they were given a scenario. One side of[Read More…]

by October 23, 2020 Accounting, High School
This little light of mine…please shine! Gr 8 grapple with electrical circuits.

This little light of mine…please shine! Gr 8 grapple with electrical circuits.

The Grade 8’s were set the task of designing a basic electrical circuit. They had to construct it in a creative way. We had campfires and fireplaces that “lit” up, house lights that turned on, “idea” bulbs above bunnies heads (?!) Everything the Grade 8’s could imagine! We have been learning about the different components of a basic electrical circuit[Read More…]

by September 21, 2020 High School, Natural Science
Grade 9 Mathematics go head to head with Pythago-what?

Grade 9 Mathematics go head to head with Pythago-what?

We are back to school, and it is so cool…in fact really, really cold! But despite the wintry weather, strange set-up of our classroom, and new routines, the Grade 9’s have forged ahead! We have carried on, masked and ready for new content in Mathematics. Even strange words like Pythagoras (?), Pythagorean triple, and hypotenuses (is that how you say[Read More…]

by July 17, 2020 High School, Mathematics, Uncategorized

Such a lot of gas!

Some may have thought that Silvermine Academy had started a brewery, but contrary to the smell emanating from our Natural Sciences classroom, we were in fact doing a very important experiment! Our Grade 8’s were figuring out what makes Yeast grow. Does it love sugar like they do? And can I handle the smell that is given off?! The Grade[Read More…]

by March 5, 2020 High School, Natural Science

EMS…what is that?!

The grade 8’s didn’t know what hit them when they were asked to understand the goals and functions of Government, to delve into where Government spends its National Budget and the definition of taxes. They were taken aback when they realised that they were already paying taxes every time they bought something from the shops! (well their parents were paying[Read More…]

by February 6, 2020 High School
English is important, but Maths is importanter!

English is important, but Maths is importanter!

A great quote: “Mathematics may not teach me how to add love or subtract hate, but it give me hope that every problem has a solution.” Our grade 9’s have almost reached the time where they will go their separate ways and begin Mathematical Literacy or Pure Mathematics. They might not believe the above quote, but rather feel like saying[Read More…]

by November 18, 2019 High School, Mathematics

More fantastic than Federer!

It may not be as clear from these few photos, but disciplined tennis training has begun at Silvermine Academy. Don’t be fooled by the smiles, this was not a game anymore…. It was awesome to see 21 teenagers of varied abilities all enjoying time out on the court. That is to say the students spent time on the court…the ball spent[Read More…]

by October 25, 2019 High School

This little light of mine….in Grade 8

It’s all very well making projects look pretty and colourful and a delight to the eyes, but what if you have to actually make something happen? What if you have the pressure of getting the potential energy stored in your handy little battery through some wire you have connected to a switch (which you hope you’ve kept in one piece)[Read More…]

by September 8, 2019 High School, Natural Science
Maths problems…

Maths problems…

Our grade 8s are fast learning that High School Mathematics problems take focus, practise and sometimes good old team effort. Superb growth has already been seen in our grade 8 Maths class. Much concern was shown when the Alphabet started messing with our Maths sums, but confidence is rapidly growing and excited shouts of, “I got them all right!” can[Read More…]

by July 25, 2019 High School, Mathematics

Grade 8 catch up!

So much has happened in our short Term 2 that we felt a “catch-up” blog was needed. The Grade 8’s have a busy schedule with 9 different subjects happening throughout the week. Jumping from Natural Science experiments to Shakespearean English lessons is quite a challenge, but these Grade 8’s are getting into the swing of high school life. It is[Read More…]