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Week 3 Term 1 2012

It has been a really good start to the new year.  Our high performing teachers, administrators and estate team have pulled out all the stops to ensure a smooth, but dynamic start to the new year. This is our official full week with school starting at 8am and ending at 2pm each day except Tuesday, which is always 1pm.  Sport[Read More…]

by January 22, 2012 Group Principal
2012 – Oh what a great start!

2012 – Oh what a great start!

They came with smiles, backpacks and a brain wanting to learn.  The Hall was set up just like it was in November 2011 when they met their teachers.  There was laughter, games and a few nerves.  After a warm welcome, the students and their parents headed for the classroom.  Grade 1 had begun.  Welcome to all our new students, parents[Read More…]

by January 19, 2012 Group Principal