Grade 7

Digital Afrikaans Orals in Grade 7

The topic was “My gunstelling rolprent”. Our Grade 7’s were told that they could use any digital means to present their orals or the traditional method. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and initiative that they used to present these orals. This generation finds it an absolute breeze to use the digital technology available to us. As teachers we[Read More…]

by February 27, 2012 Grade 7

Valentine’s Day in Grade 7

The Grade 7’s enjoyed an amazing day of team sport on Valentine’s day. Plenty of oxygen to the brain and lots of fun. We then enjoyed a beautiful, romantic movie. The last hour was spent cooling off in the pool. The 2012 Grade 7’s are a great group of learners who thoroughly enjoy working together.

by February 17, 2012 Grade 7
Grade Sevens Visit Soetwater for some Sandy Snakey Fun

Grade Sevens Visit Soetwater for some Sandy Snakey Fun

This morning the Grade 7’s visited the beautiful Soetwater Beach. Greeted by the unbelievably knowledgeable “Mr Lappies”, we enjoyed a fascinating talk on the beach front. We learnt about the various ocean habitats as well as the thousands of species which make the beach front their home. After the learners enjoyed an exciting and exploratory exercise on the shore, we[Read More…]

by February 14, 2012 Grade 7
Leaders in Grade 7

Leaders in Grade 7

There has been great excitement as the Grade 7’s train for their leadership portfolios.The highlight was meeting the Grade 1’s in HOOFIES.  We have trained for Scholar Patrol with military precision! Grade 7 Skippers have completed a mini First Aid course – waiting in anticipation for break time accidents. See us on the 7th February for our Assembly, we will[Read More…]

by February 6, 2012 Grade 7