Taking on the film critics in Afrikaans.

Taking on the film critics in Afrikaans.

Doing a movie review in Afrikaans can be a challenging task.  Giving your opinion on a seasoned reviewer’s review, can be daunting.  But the learners at Silvermine Academy are mature and able to give their opinion in a mature and eloquent way. The movies covered a wide range of genres, from a musical to a good old “who dunnit”??  The[Read More…]

by August 3, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
Euthanasia debate in Grade 11 Afrikaans

Euthanasia debate in Grade 11 Afrikaans

Doing a debate in Afrikaans is challenging as it is, but choosing a topic like Euthanasia/”genadedood” is hugely challenging. The Grade 11s rose to the challenge and pulled it off very successfully! The two sides chose their leaders and immediately set out to research a variety of subjects, for example: “What is South Africa’s legal stance on Euthanasia?” “What do church[Read More…]

by May 25, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
“Jy dink jy’s cooler as ekke”??

“Jy dink jy’s cooler as ekke”??

This term the Grade 10’s started with a theme on Afrikaans rappers.  The first rapper that we are looking at is the very popular Jack Parow of “Cooler as ekke” fame. They were introduced to this colourful rapper by studying an article about him as a comprehension test. Today they did a listening exercise with a difference!  They watched an[Read More…]

by May 8, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
Grade 12’s feeling hopeful about “Hoopvol.”

Grade 12’s feeling hopeful about “Hoopvol.”

The Grade 12’s are steadily working through their Afrikaans novel, Hoopvol.  They are finding the story easy to understand and are successfully tackling paragraph, contextual and essay questions. We have finished the first story line. The students were enthralled with the love story of Natalie and Bobby and were very disappointed when their story did not have a happy ending.[Read More…]

by March 16, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
The Gr 10’s getting CREATIVE in Afrikaans!

The Gr 10’s getting CREATIVE in Afrikaans!

Making Afrikaans fun can be a challenge, but this past week the Gr 10s loved every minute of their creative writing assignment.  They had to write a children’s book and, boy, did they rise to the occasion! The illustrations in some books were just out of this world and the stories were entertaining with good story lines and language structures.[Read More…]

by February 20, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
Afrikaans makes me smarter!!

Afrikaans makes me smarter!!

Welcome to the new Grade 8’s! I know that a lot of new Grade 8’s at all schools ask the same question.  Why on earth do we have to learn Afrikaans?? Learning  a second language may be a bore, but it is hugely beneficial in many areas.  So, according to a few web sites, here are a few reasons why[Read More…]

by February 6, 2017 Afrikaans, High School
The gr 10's working on completing the last short story on finding peace and strength amid difficulties.

Here’s to a Successful 2016 in Afrikaans!

We are fast approaching the end of a busy 2016, and I am so proud of how far the kids have come and what they have achieved. I am looking forward to seeing them being rewarded for their continued hard work throughout the year. The Grade 10s completed their short story section for the year with a tale on how to find[Read More…]

by November 10, 2016 Afrikaans, High School
Andy phoning his friend.

Roleplay as a Basis for Argumentative and Discursive Essay Writing

It is so encouraging to see the lengths that the students will go to when doing their role play assessments. The Grade 8s were dressed up to the nines and there was some great acting going on! What is even more encouraging, is the quality of  language usage and content of our termly role play. The Grade 10s impressed with challenging[Read More…]

by October 21, 2016 Afrikaans
Jazzmin, Dillon, Melissa and Jordin enjoyed presenting their puppet show.

Role play in your Second Language can be Fun!

Oral presentations in your second language can be very intimidating. Creating a role play based on a famous television show turns a chore into fun. The Grade 10s had to recreate a Masterchef SA show and the result was a lot of fun, good quality presentations and loads of yummy food to sample! The Grade 8s were given the challenge to present[Read More…]

by August 19, 2016 Afrikaans
Dillon, Jasson, Liam and Michael excited for the Hoopvol production.

Hoopvol oor “Hoopvol”

When we were told that our new Grade 12 novel was “Hoopvol”, we were not hopeful that our students would enjoy this novel set in a small Karoo town, named Hoopvol. It turned out to be a novel that reads easier than previous novels and there are 2 very different story lines that are easy to follow. Going to watch[Read More…]

by June 3, 2016 Afrikaans