What is a computer?

The main components of the computer can generally be divided into two parts – hardware and software. The hardware refers to the tangible (parts of the computer which you are able to touch) and the software refers to sets of instructions which tell the devices and computer what to do. Hardware – Main Components The below is a list of[Read More…]

by July 18, 2012 CAT, Information Technology

Technology: Grade 8 & 9 Excel Notes

With assessment week starting in the next few days, the Grade 8 and 9 students have been revising their PowerPoint and Excel skills. The following are a few must knows for Excel in the assessments: SUM – This is used to calculate the sum of a range of data. The following operators may be used in a sum formula [+,-,/[Read More…]

by May 16, 2012 CAT, Information Technology

Preparation for Examinations

In all the Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology classes, we have been doing revision of the work covered so far this year. This ranges from String methods, database control, database manipulation, object orientated programming, hardware and software, social and ethical computing, application software and system software. For the Information Technology students, it is essential to revise all the Theory[Read More…]

by May 10, 2012 CAT, Information Technology

The Browser Wars

Across all the Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology classes, we have been watching the documentary “The true story of the internet – browser wars”. This goes hand in hand with the research the students did at the end of Term 1. This documentary looks at the founding of Netscape and how Microsoft fought against them with their competing product[Read More…]

by April 12, 2012 CAT, Information Technology

Social and Ethical Issues – Computer Applications Technology Assignment

Ethical dilemmas have risen in number and intensity with the increasing dependence of contemporary society on computers and computer networks. Despite the proliferation of expert remedies, viable solutions to computer security issues remain too elusive, and society continues to suffer at the hands of cyber criminals, vandals, and hackers. – Social and Ethical Issues in the Information Age (ISBN 978-1-84996-037-3)[Read More…]

by March 23, 2012 CAT

Practical Assessment Task – Computer Applications Technology

This week, the Grade 12 Computer Applications Technology students’ were issued with their official Practical Assessment Task. The IEB states: The Practical Assessment Task (PAT) is an assessment of the learner’s individual interaction with information and the way in which he or she presents that information. The information will finally be presented in a number of documents to communicate a[Read More…]

by March 7, 2012 CAT