Social and Ethical Issues – Computer Applications Technology Assignment

Ethical dilemmas have risen in number and intensity with the increasing dependence of contemporary society on computers and computer networks. Despite the proliferation of expert remedies, viable solutions to computer security issues remain too elusive, and society continues to suffer at the hands of cyber criminals, vandals, and hackers. – Social and Ethical Issues in the Information Age (ISBN 978-1-84996-037-3)[Read More…]

by March 23, 2012 CAT

Practical Assessment Task – Computer Applications Technology

This week, the Grade 12 Computer Applications Technology students’ were issued with their official Practical Assessment Task. The IEB states: The Practical Assessment Task (PAT) is an assessment of the learner’s individual interaction with information and the way in which he or she presents that information. The information will finally be presented in a number of documents to communicate a[Read More…]

by March 7, 2012 CAT