Natural Science

Such a lot of gas!

Some may have thought that Silvermine Academy had started a brewery, but contrary to the smell emanating from our Natural Sciences classroom, we were in fact doing a very important experiment! Our Grade 8’s were figuring out what makes Yeast grow. Does it love sugar like they do? And can I handle the smell that is given off?! The Grade[Read More…]

by March 5, 2020 High School, Natural Science

This little light of mine….in Grade 8

It’s all very well making projects look pretty and colourful and a delight to the eyes, but what if you have to actually make something happen? What if you have the pressure of getting the potential energy stored in your handy little battery through some wire you have connected to a switch (which you hope you’ve kept in one piece)[Read More…]

by September 8, 2019 High School, Natural Science

Grade 8 catch up!

So much has happened in our short Term 2 that we felt a “catch-up” blog was needed. The Grade 8’s have a busy schedule with 9 different subjects happening throughout the week. Jumping from Natural Science experiments to Shakespearean English lessons is quite a challenge, but these Grade 8’s are getting into the swing of high school life. It is[Read More…]

Yummy fungi!

How does bread rise? Can fungi be a good thing? These grade 8 scientists were going to find out. …Sharp bunch these grade 8’s The students needed to follow their experiment instructions and work as a group to fill 5 beakers with the exact amount of yeast, sugar and water. Before all the Carbon Dioxide escaped, the students needed to[Read More…]

by March 6, 2019 High School, Natural Science
The shape of you….Grade 9 Natural Sciences

The shape of you….Grade 9 Natural Sciences

How does my body work? Have you ever read those books? The Grade 9s hadn’t either so we went about trying to understand how this body of ours, in the most simplistic way, works to keep us alive. Each group was assigned a system within the body to research and then present to the class in an interactive and informative[Read More…]

by February 21, 2019 High School, Natural Science

Grade 9s make Jelly Cells

This term the Grade 9s were introduced to the most minute detail about themselves that they hadn’t known before….the cell! Our Natural Sciences curriculum takes us on the journey from the smallest unit of life all the way through tissues created by these cells, to organs and how they work together to create the systems that keep the complex organisms[Read More…]

by January 24, 2019 High School, Natural Science

It’s grease lightening!

The Grade 8’s had the silly notion that school ended after exams, and the last week of the term was play time. Well at Silvermine Academy we work in every moment we can! Having said that, our Natural Science lesson did involve balloons so maybe we were simply playing. Our next section in Natural Science is Static Electricity. The Grade[Read More…]

by July 19, 2018 High School, Natural Science

Sweet Cytoplasm!

The Grade 9 Natural Sciences students have begun a journey that will take them from the smallest unit of life, the cell, through to tissues that make up organs, and then looking at these organs which create the complex systems in our bodies. Put it all together and we get teenagers themselves! To begin this journey the Grade 9’s started[Read More…]

by February 23, 2018 High School, Natural Science
The Force is strong in Grade 9!

The Force is strong in Grade 9!

The Grade 9’s have been investigating contact and non-contact forces. No, not in Life Orientation, in Natural Science! Sir Isaac Newton has become a regular visitor in our classroom. His third law states; “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Our investigations lead us to discover the difference between weight and mass…..and some of the girls thought[Read More…]

by August 16, 2017 High School, Natural Science

The Grade 9s are Creating Chemical Monsters

The Grade 9’s enjoy Natural Science on the whole. They are always involved as we discuss the theory behind how chemistry and physics work. Much of what we learn applies to things we see around us. However the real enthusiasm comes out when the Grade 9’s are given the chance to get hold of chemicals, and learn first-hand how they react.[Read More…]

by June 18, 2017 High School, Natural Science