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Increasing our digital ‘know-how’

Increasing our digital ‘know-how’

Teachers playfully exploring The focus of our in-service training this year has included input from Tim Keller and Peter Beretta from Umoya. Umoya is the company which will be rolling out our wireless installation from Grade R through to Grade 12, making all venues across the Group of Schools wirelessly enabled. A fundamental part of making this change a success[Read More…]

by February 17, 2012 High School Principal

Surveying the Valley

Our Grade 12 Geographers headed up to Peer’s Cave to practice some of their Mapping skills and techniques.  The visibility was perfect and overhanging clouds offered a welcome reprieve from the blazing sun on our climb up.  Understanding and interpreting the information depicted on maps was enhanced as the group took the time to begin to develop their own visual[Read More…]

by February 15, 2012 High School Principal

Valentine’s Ball

We are looking forward to hosting our Valentine’s Ball on Friday, 9 February. Our theme this year is ‘Glow in the dark’. It looks set to be a festive function, starting at 7:30pm and ending at 11:30pm, in our Group of Schools Hall. Cool drinks, snacks and glow in the dark novelties will be on sale.

by February 9, 2012 High School Principal

Recorded Reader Pilot Project

The IEB is aiming to run with full implementation of Recorded Readers for schools by 2014. Schools will be able to request to have NSC examinations in a recorded format to support students who need the support of ‘hearing’ their examination papers. This will limit being the unconscious support of ‘inference’ and the emphasis of pauses incurred when a reader[Read More…]

by January 27, 2012 High School Principal

Advanced Programme in English

An excellent extension of the English programme. This is largely an individually driven, self taught programme which sets to stretch students capabilities in English. Tutorial style support of two hours per week offers the kind of input students need to keep abreast with the texts they are exploring. At a Grade 10 level it can be explored very informally, whereas[Read More…]

by January 27, 2012 High School Principal

Celebrating new beginnings and possibilities

What an incredible start to the year! We have been able to celebrate our Matrics of 2011 achieving 100% passes, with 75% of the class achieving Bachelor Degree passes. Ethan Marrs was ranked in the top 1% of all IEB students, nationally, with his Life Orientation performance. What a brilliant achievement. Our influx of new students brings with it an[Read More…]

by January 27, 2012 High School Principal