There are a number of interesting findings about the value of reading. This includes the importance of reading as an individual and being read to. It is not only a creative experience but has its perceived benefits of enjoyment, escape, empathy and overall well being.
The reasons why people choose not to read, it was discovered, came from a lack of time or lack of interest to a fear of being too ‘drawn in’ to another world.

Library A 07
There are many ideas for how individuals and particularly libraries can help to promote reading by tapping into a universal interest in fantastic stories. Please hit your public libraries or book stores over the holiday period.
This will feed directly into the development of a campaign to promote and deliver a vision for reading. Parents and learners are encouraged to use the luxury of time: WE ARE GOING TO BE ON HOLIDAY!

The following count in our favour:
• the lovely weather of autumn ensures that we may snuggle with a book
• time is on our side
• we are free to visit wonderful places without having to leave our beds
All forms of reading are seen as valid and valuable. Make sure you take advantage of the holiday period and READ.

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