Yes vs No

The Grade 7’s recently investigated the “big debate” and conducted an informal survey to ascertain what their peers thought the better. A group of 81 learners volunteered to be interviewed. 39 Learners were pro-ebook and 39 learners were pro-paperback leaving us with 3 learners who preferred the best of both worlds.

The pro-ebook  reasons varied from learners being aware of their environment to saving space, being easy to carry and experiencing the whole digital world;

The pro-paperback reasons brought out a whole different aspect of reading. Almost one of a spiritual nature. Readers find that there is closeness in handling the books, in touching the page just before turning to the next page. A dimension that makes the reading transformative and more real. Augustine calls this the grasp-ability of the book. Besides the “touch”-experience, readers often refer to the smell of the book as well. Some highlight this as classical or traditional, almost in a nostalgic flair. 

In conclusion one can concur that this will be a debate that will continue to foster strong responses.



“The book’s graspability, in a material as well as a spiritual sense, is what endowed it with such immense power to radically alter our lives. In taking hold of the book, according to Augustine, we are taken hold of by books.”









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