Some people have certain relationships with books and those relationships dictate how they read those books.


According to Wallace Yovetich, we can classify some of those relationships in the following way:

Surfacey Relationship Book People
These people don’t tend to have a lot of time for reading, they are too busy socialising (and by socialising I mean hanging out with Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian too). They’re reading one of their books over the summer. The entire summer.

Serial Monogamists Book People
These are the people who jump from one long book to the next. The book they are reading is usually a project, usually on their nightstands for some time, and usually something “important.” They don’t give up (they wouldn’t dream of it), and when they know it’s coming close to the ending, they’ve already researched and planned which book will be next on the nightstand. No empty nightstands (or beds) for these people.

Committed Book People
These are the people who know which books they like and they stick with them, why change? And if something new is introduced to their palate, they’ll eventually (when they have time) try to juggle it in and then feel ecstatic that they have something new and fresh in their lives.

Commitment Phobic Book People
These are the people who start books and stop them like other people use chewing gum. Sometimes they come back to try them again – see if they’re a better fit, and then move on again. Then one day they find something that hooks them and doesn’t let them go and they can’t-stop-reading. Once that book is done they look wildly around for another to make them feel as wonderful as the last, but we all know they’ll get back into the cycle of reading a few pages of one, then a few pages of another…


We asked a group of Grade 7’s to classify themselves into the profiles that best explain the type of relationship they have with books and this is what they had to say:

Hannah SchoultzI am a committed book person. I love to read and when I choose a book I stick to it and read it to the end, no matter how boring it is. I read lots of books everyday and enjoy books. They are so unique. No one book is the same.

Indigo CamichelI would group myself as a commitment phobic book person. I struggle to read a book if it doesn’t excite or intrigue me immediately.”

Kylie RősenerI am a surfacey relationship book person. I don’t have time for reading and I don’t like books. If I read a book it takes me quite a long time, up to a  year to complete.

Jessica SchreiberI’m a commitment phobic book person. I enjoy books but I only carry on reading them if they are interesting to me. In my past experiences I can get really attached to a book if it is interesting. I stop reading if I am no longer interested.

It is important to understand our relationship with books in order to regulate any guilt or a boxed idea about books. At Sun Valley Group of Schools we encourage wholesome reading that will have a life-long impact.

We echo the words of J.K. Rowling: …the stories we love best, live in us forever!

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