Each term, our Grade 4s participate in B.I.C. lessons. These lessons focus on connection and building relationships with our peers. B.I.C stands for Because I Care, and our Grade 4s are given the opportunity to spend time getting to know their buddy. The buddy changes every term so that our Grade 4s are able to connect with more of their peers.



The buddy system is by random selection and so the first buddy meeting of the term is not without some nerves! For their first meeting of Term 2, the B.I.C. buddies were given the task of journalling the holiday highlights of their buddy before moving on to the exciting topic of E-Colours.

IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7187

The B.I.C. buddies compared E-Colour strengths and potential limiters in their journals whilst admiring┬átheir brand new E-Colour bands! It was a great outdoor session in the sun, and the Grade 4s can’t wait for their next B.I.C meet-up.


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