Last week the Grade 4s descended on Muizenberg Beach to pick up ALL the litter that they could their hands on. We were joined by Greg from the company CleanC who spoke to the Grade 4s about the importance of protecting our environment and picking up after ourselves whenever we can.

As the beach had been cleaned and there was very little litter we decided to focus our efforts on the parking areas and play area at the beach.

Covering an area of roughly 100m the children found in excess of 1000 (one thousand) cigarette butts! This really opened the eyes of all the Grade 4s to litter and the bad habits that people get into without even realising it.

This outing was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and it was rewarding to leave the beach area cleaner than we found it. A big thank you to Greg from CleanC and to all the Grade 4s for putting in such a great effort to clean up the beach.

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