At Sun Valley we love to share stories, and along with that comes learning the art of story telling. The InterSen Phase were tasked with sharing a story that the audience would never forget, and our Grade 4s definitely rose to meet that challenge!

The task seemed daunting at first, but after some brainstorming sessions, and some helpful tips from last year’s winner, the Grade 4s┬áset about creating their Powerful Presentations.

The first round of presentations took place in the classes and we were lead on wonderful journeys and mysteries as the learners regaled us with stories that were close to their hearts. From the importance of protecting our environment, to the impact of reading in growing our imagination, it left the teachers with a tough decision – who were we going to choose!?

After careful deliberation, the top four finalists from each class were given the opportunity to share their story with the grade. Mr Best and Miss van Niekerk had the hardest job as they needed to pick the final four from the group of amazing presenters.

The finalists from Grade 4 were Shae Cameron, Aisha Mia, Ryan Needham and Boyd Swartz. Their passion and dedication was evident in their Keynotes and the way they shared their stories. We are so proud of all of our Grade 4s for the hard work and effort. Well done!

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