The school year is reaching its end and this has left all the Grade 4’s feeling nostalgic. The amount of AWESOME that has been crammed into one short year is incredible. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on this unforgettable year.

We started off our year by going back in time to the Days of Yore. Seeing life through the eyes of the past was a great experience that was enjoyed by all. The first term was capped off by a beautiful hike through Silvermine Nature Reserve. This outing was definitely a highlight for many.

There are too many outings to mention but a stand out memory for all the Grade 4’s was definitely the field trip to the UCT Marine Research institute. The hands on learning and exposure to University life was a huge eye opener for the Grade 4’s.

The year will forever be remembered for the main highlight which was…….


GRADE 4 CAMP!!!!! This experience was truly unforgettable and visits from special guests Pierre and Helga are memories that will never be forgotten.

The grade 4 teachers want to thank all the children for this phenomenal year! We are sad to say goodbye but so excited to see you all reach the stars in the years and grades to come. We leave you with this quote from Winnie the Pooh,

“How lucky are we, that we have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult.”

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