E-Colours (Personality Diversity Indicator) is one of those topics that is bound to bring the greatest joy to the new Grade 4s as they enter the InterSen Phase. They learn about their strengths and weaknesses and those of their peers around them. They then get to show creativity by creating art posters in representation of their E-Colours accompanied by the animal that represents the E-colour. And to top it all off, is the excitement of receiving their wrist bands which will made in representation of their E-Colours results.

This week in IT, the learners got an opportunity to get input and insight into what the concept of E-Colours represents in the school environment and how we can use this as a tool to help collaborate with those we work with to achieve individual goals and group goals. With assistance to get as accurate results as possible, the learners completed their E-Colours test on their iPads and had an opportunity to go through their results and understand what their colours represent.

We are very excited for 2020 as the grade 4s gets the chance to use these digital devices as part of their everyday learning environment.


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