Over the last three weeks, the new Grade 5s of 2020 have been very busy adjusting to the extremely busy and exciting way of life in Grade 5. It’s been an energy-filled term with lots happening already.



In English we focused on setting specific long and short term goals with well constructed informal letters. These goals were written as a letter to their future selves which they will get to read at the end of the year again. These letters will serve as a reminder during the year of what it is that each child wants to work towards and achieve. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity and produced phenomenal writing pieces.


We have been getting to know our class members by learning how to greet each other in Afrikaans and forming a dialog with a partner in the class. This has been a highlight for many of our children, as we make Afrikaans a fun and interactive subject. The classrooms have been filled with lots of giggles and laughter throughout the day!



In Thematic we are learning all about timelines and putting important information in chronological order , we have discovered subjects such as the Indigenous people of the Cape, Early Explorers, the Dutch and the French Huguenots. Our Grade 5s are fascinated by the colonisation of the Cape and find the sailors forced way of life hard to believe.


In Maths we have been building on the foundation of knowledge from Grade 4…and are introducing LONG DIVISION. We are learning this concept by acting out the steps: ‘that comprise all facets of math in one question’, watching videos and working through examples in our co-operative groups. Kids have found that math is an exciting subject and that in actual fact it’s all around us all the time.


Even though we are so busy with new work, we have made sure there is plenty of time to have fun, participate in movement songs and CARE about each other.We have also been super busy on the fields with lots of competitive sports, the Interhouse athletics and our all exciting Gala. The kids are prepping for our camp coming up in a few days and they can’t wait to get to know each other better. We are all very excited to see what 2020 has in store for us. It’s been a wonderful start.





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