What a camp! The grade 5’s departed on Wednesday morning, bright and early, to the scenic and stunning Simonsberg Christian Camp Centre. Vineyards on all sides and classic Stellenbosch heat from above made the summer days beautiful and crazy hot. Despite the heat, the energy of the campers prevailed and they took to their group activities with excitement. 

The girls getting ready for a puzzle challenge

A great spirit of camaraderie prevailed as groups banded together and encouraged scared learners to tackle some of the harder challenges. It’s so amazing to see the proud smiles that immediately follow. The bonfire on the first night was hilarious and memorable, with the kids letting all of Stellenbosch know what Sun Valley gees sounds like.

The food on Grade 5 camp is always a highlight and every teacher and learner pulled in for a plate of seconds at each meal. After meal times the kids went off to bed in their dorms and enjoyed a few hours of peaceful sleep before an early breakfast prepared them for another long day of activities. 

Jonah taking that leap of faith with no fear!

The night hike is always a stunning affair, with the stars out in full force and the lights of Cape Town brightening the horizon. To top it all off, the grade 5 teachers “surprised” the learners at the end of the hike, bringing a wonderful night to an eventful end.

The bus ride home was significantly quieter than the ride there as the heat, good food, fun and late nights had finally taken its toll. We’re already looking forward to next year’s amazing camp! See you there! 

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