Sun Valley is finally back in full force… sort of. The grade 5’s have seen their amazing classrooms and excited teachers again, but it’s not quite the same as before. Every class has been split into two groups that come in on alternate days. Despite having the learners back, there are a few things that the Grade 5’s and the rest of Sun Valley are having to get used to.

Everything is spaced out, from break times to the desks in the class. The Grade 5’s have taken to the social distancing regulations remarkably well and have constant smiles under all the funky masks that they wear to school. Despite not being able to see their friends in other classes, the learners have adapted well. They remain very social in their class groups, with lots of chatter echoing down the halls whenever fruit snack or break time takes place.

Google Classroom has become an invaluable asset to all of SVPS, and the Grade 5’s in particular, are making full use of it. When they complete tasks in class, photos are converted to pdf’s and are then submitted online in their individual classes. Google Classroom has also become a fun way for all the learners to interact with their classmates in the other group as they haven’t seen them since returning to school.

Every Friday is a civvies day for the group on rotation that week, allowing them the chance to dress up in their favourite winter layers  and even come equipped with a mask to match!

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