Our brave Grade 4’s returned to school  a few weeks ago and soon settled into their new normal in a tremendous way! From new low contact greetings (elbow bumps and foot fives!) to smiling with our eyes, we are learning how to connect in more meaningful ways.


In the classroom, we are still getting our groove on by doing Just Dances and working hard. We have created Grass Head Men, we have learnt more about symmetry, and we have taken all these varied adjustments  in our stride.

The best part of the day is when we get to go out for some sunshine and movement. The breathing breaks and connection times on the field have given the Grade 4’s time to play and relax – although the Structured Play at break time keeps them on their toes!


All in all, it has certainly been a smooth transition and we are so grateful to have our children back in class again!

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