Since returning for Term 3, we have realised just how much potential our Grade 5’s have after seeing their creative drawings, the arts and crafts they made & the new skills they learnt during our time away.

They really can be anything they want to be. This last cycle, we gave our grade 5’s the chance to be engineers, construction workers, architects and accountants all in one brilliant project.
The students set out to design a theme park that would be built in Cape Town, one big enough and amazing enough to rival Ratanga Junction a hundred times over.

Giant slip n’ slides, massive rollercoasters, gourmet snack bars and alles. If you could name it, the grade 5’s already had it. Next, they picked their main attraction and gave a detailed drawing of it, showcasing their creative skills.

After that came time to crunch the numbers… no sweat for our mini theme park creators as they used the area & perimeter skills they had learnt in class to work out the cost of their rides. As well as giving the numbers for the cost of the park, they also created amazing menus for their snack bars, coming up with main meal, dessert & drink prices based on some intense iPad research.

To finish off the project was the advertising of their new theme park, so brochures were created to showcase their best rides, the cost to enter, age restrictions and all other relevant information you’d need to know about the new theme-park-on-the-block.

This maths project has been a fun experience for both the kids and the teachers, we can’t wait to do it all again next year! Watch out Ratanga Junction, you’ve got some up and coming competition.

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