Did you know that if bees disappeared off Planet Earth, humans would only have four years left to live? 

The food we eat and the beautiful flowers in our gardens are hugely dependent on bees.  Bees are excellent pollinators; They transfer pollen between flowering plants and in doing so, keep life cycles alive. 

Therefore, without bees, food groups such as Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables will suffer.  Foods such as apples, blueberries, pumpkins, watermelon and almonds would soon be lost.

So what better time to learn about these amazing creatures, than right now? The Grade 2’s have been learning about the life cycle of bees and how their colonies and hives function and operate. They have also been learning about the roles of each bee and how they do their jobs.

While doing so they are discovering some pretty unique facts along the way such as: bees have 5 eyes and they can’t see the colour red. In addition, there is a Queen bee to every hive and the boy bees do the manual work. The girl classes loved learning this!

Every year, about a third of our Honeybee colonies collapse.  And thats only the Honeybees. These colonies collapse due to pesticides.  Pesticides are sprayed on plants and can kill bees when they crawl over the areas that have been sprayed. 

So, how can our Grade 2’s help protect bees? Understanding the vital role these incredible little insects play is only the first step.  Education is at the root of all change.  If we do not understand it, we can’t learn from it.  The Grade 2’s are incredibly innovative and together with the help of their teachers have come up with a solution.  Bees need plants to grow in order to do their jobs and this is why we are going to plant some more flowers and vegetables.  Using the Checkers Little Garden Seedling Kits (which are bee friendly) the Grade 2’s are helping out their little buzzy friends. There are 24 seedling kits to be collected and each class is well on their way to a beautiful indoor class garden.  The kits contain 6 herbs, 8 flowers and 10 vegetables and each seedling pot is compostable and can be replanted directly into the garden. 

The Grade 2’s are loving gardening for a worthy cause! 

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