Over the past few weeks our Grade Ones have been getting in the Spirit of Spring! From dressing up on Spring day to learning about all the important things a plant needs to survive, our Grade Ones have been having a blast.


On Spring Dress up day, our Grade Ones showed off their blooming and bright spring accessories with their variform, and what a colourful affair it was! From flower crowns, face painting and lei’s around their necks, not even the masks could hamper their spirits. 

We also learnt about the different parts of a plant, their important functions and which part of the plant we can eat. Did you know that broccoli is the flower of the broccoli plant? The children loved building their own plant, ensuring they included roots, stem, leaves and flowers!

We then learnt about the four main things a plant needs to survive – water, air, soil and sun! The Grade Ones had so much fun creating their own flowers to display in the passages.

What a wonderful term it has been so far. The Grade Ones have a fantastic thirst for knowledge and have just loved learning about the world around them. Of course, the springtime sunshine has made their laughter brighter and smiles sweeter.

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