As Jo, Beth and Fran climbed up the ladder of the Magic Faraway Tree, their mouthes fell wide open as they saw the strange world that had opened up before their very eyes…

Just as Jo, Beth and Fran have been discovering a new magical land of the Faraway Tree, the Grade 2’s have been discovering a whole new world of creative writing. 

The Grade 2’s began their creative writing journey, designing their own magical land. They had the opportunity to use their imaginations to their hearts’ content. What world were they going to discover? Candy Land, Topsy-Turvy Land or Shape Land… These were just a few of the ideas that our creative explorers had devised.

Once they had designed their chosen wanderland, the next chapter of their creative writing adventure, was to plan their story: the characters and who they would bump into; the rules of the land; the problems they may face and how they would solve the problem. Oh how the creative ideas were running wild!

Now that they had planned their adventure, they could finally embark on their creative writing journey. 

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