Assessments are nothing new at Sun Valley, yet once again the process of rethinking and reshaping how things are done was needed to make sure that all COVID guidelines were adhered to and that all learners felt anxiety free in this already stressful time.

A week of revision in the first week of term prepped the learners for all that was to come. Everything was covered, from BODMAS to how your brain responds to the senses. We’re sure that by now, the kids are sick of long division and mumble the formula for volume in their sleep.

After revision came time to apply all that knowledge. Scribes and facilitators were working overtime last week to make sure the learners felt comfortable and capable under assessment conditions.

Our Sun Valleys geniuses faced yet another challenge this year: two assessments in one day. This, due to the alternating groups writing on different days. Despite this tough challenge, they survived and have shown up the following week with beaming smiles and relieved expressions.

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