Much celebration ensued as the Grade 7 learners of 2020 handed in their final assessment paper for primary school. What a great achievement that is considering the challenges they had to face this year. But, primary school is not yet over and much learning is yet to be done.

The wonderful news, however, is that post assessment week, learning commenced back in our classes as opposed to in the Hall. This news, too, was met with jubilation, and our Grade 7 learners are once again enjoying the intimacy of a smaller class.

We are looking forward to fun, learning and growth over the next few jam-packed weeks. Science Projects, Brochure (in Afrikaans) designing, an introduction to Grade 8 Mathematics and poetry writing are but some of the content to be covered and skills to be developed in the curriculum over the next few weeks. Not to speak of the fun to be had such as pool parties, interclass competitions, Cake Markets and formal celebrations.

It is going to be an eventful 4 weeks and happy faces continue to be evident all round.

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