After being separated for so long, the Grade Twos have finally been able to celebrate their reunion as a whole class again!

On Monday, they entered the classroom, wide-eyed at the new set-up. They experienced many different feelings and emotions as they stepped inside. Some were thrilled to see their friends in the other group again, and some were anxious and a bit shell-shocked to see so many faces. It was like the first day of school all over again!

They have had to learn a new set of rules, and have had to adapt to having screens between them, and they have adjusted to this new normal extremely well. We have also been able to re-introduce some “old” routines, to make school more familiar. The children can now participate in non-contact sport practices and Interchange, and are able to be more active and social. This has brought a buzz back into our classrooms.

We teachers are so grateful to have our whole classes back together again, to enjoy the last few weeks, before they set sail to Grade Three. We are soaking up each day and are making memories to treasure.

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