Our grade 6’s are becoming the seniors of the school next year, and they are more than ready for the commitment. This year has shown us how diligent and committed these students are to their future and have taken every knock and embraced every challenge.

To end off the year we are spending a few days in Leadership Training, we have started off by introducing them to what a Leader is or should be. Our grade 6’s have spent this week discussing their thoughts and ideas on the following topics: What they thought a leader is; what characteristics should a good leader have and what are the responsibilities of a prefect is. They then jotted that down on poster paper.

Once they had completed that section, they went on to investigate what research shows on the same topics as they had discussed previously. Finally, they could then compare their thoughts to facts and see if their idea of a leader was suitable or not. Most students were excited as they possessed a lot of the same qualities of an amazing leader.

This introduction has made the Grade 6’s excited about next year. We cannot wait to see them proudly lead the school and their peers.

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