In the last week our Grade 7s have crossed one of their final milestones. They had the tremendous opportunity to host the biggest Grade 7 Cake Sale ever seen in Sun Valley’s history. The school has certainly seen some big cake sales in its past but nothing quite on the scale as what the Grade 7s managed to accomplish. This Cake Sale truly was a colossal event and has dwarfed the magnitude of the term “cake sale” replacing it with the more suitable term of, Cake Market.

Last week Wednesday and Thursday the Grade 7 classes were split into two groups of two classes. With their paired classes, each group had the opportunity to set up and take part in the rich diversity of products, activities and goods that were up for sale. The planning was ferocious. Learners came forward with their wild and crazy ideas. Yet, somehow, they had to plan and make the correct preparations to accommodate the demands and regulations of the COVID situation.They toiled and laboured carrying up tables to set up their market, placing soccer nets in suitable places, and filling up their water balloons. And of course, we can’t forget, to get motivated they had to dress themselves appropriately. The crazy dress ups were wild. Tutus, assorted hats, colourful balloons and a war like face paint that truly showed the motivation these young entrepreneurs had. 

The Market’s theme, simple, yet classic: South African Culture. The Grade 7s certainly met the demands of our country’s incredible diversity. We saw a variety of creative and ingenious ideas appear. We had home made koeksisters, fudge, brownies, assorted cupcakes painted with the South African flag. We even had one of our learners making what he called “boerewors sushi”, a truly delectable stick of boerewors wrapped in pap and topped with a variety of toppings of your choice. We also saw some very interesting games appear in the fashion of water ballon dunk tanks, mini cricket and a variety of cosmetic services.

In case you were wondering, yes of course, there was a braai. We don’t think Mr. Fourie would have let that one slide. But this braai was no ordinary braai. It was run and handled by our own little legends of Grade 7 (under appropriate supervision of course). We saw boerewors rolls unlike any made before. A selection of meat products ranging from vegetarian options to ostrich and the standard, dearly loved beef borewors. They were offered with a variety of different options, being topped with caramelised onion or a tomato relish and accompanied with a variety of sauces. 


All in all, a truly remarkable experience. A huge congratulations to the Grade 7s for putting on such a brilliant show. If this is what you are capable of, so close to the end of your primary school careers, there is no telling how great you will truly be. Keep on shining Grade 7s of 2020.

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