This week the Grade 6s embarked on the week-long leadership course. Their eyes have been opened to all the different topics they are having to discuss and learn.

Each day a new Grade 6 teacher presents a topic that they have specialized in and allow learners to engage and connect with it. This has given the teachers an amazing opportunity to bond with the other classes again after this long year of lockdown and social-distancing. The teachers are loving seeing new faces and new minds to teach… but they have to admit that they are always happy to go back to their kiddos at the end of the day.

The Grade 6s have learnt that servant leaders are people who better the world and others rather than bettering themselves, they’ve also learnt that knowing the different E-colours are beneficial when being a prefect as it helps them understand the rest of the children a lot more and are able to deal with the situation more appropriately.

Mr Skippers even did an activity with the classes called ‘The King’s Chair’. Here learners were put in a situation where they had to compliment a person in the class.

We are so incredibly proud of how our Grade 6s are reacting to the prefect training this week and know that they will be fully equipped for next year when they are chosen to serve the school.


Good luck for next year our amazing kids! You have made us proud this year!

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