What a year it has been! As the year unfolded into the unexpected, we were given the opportunity to watch our children grow in ways we could have never imagined. Our little 6 year olds became mature, understanding and resilient members of society. Faced with challenges not heard of in decades, our children stood up to the changes and taught us how to smile and adapt in the face of uncertainty.


Despite all the masks, the social distancing and endless sanitising, we have still been able to have lots of fun and meaningful learning experiences. They’ve enjoyed learning about oceans, being responsible, symmetry, money, Afrikaans colours, The Lorax, The Grinch, THRASS and so much more.

We were thrilled to be able to celebrate all of our incredible children at our recent Grade One Grit Awards. Each child received a certificate celebrating their amazing achievements and personal growth made this year.

We thank you all for walking this uncharted territory with us this year. We have loved teaching our precious Grade One boys and girls, whether at home or in the classroom. We wish you a safe, healthy and restful holiday season and a happy 2021.

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